Why organised spaces are better for your brain

It’s that time of year to get spring cleaning!!!!

How good does it feel when all the housework is done, your cupboards and drawers are all in an organised fashion and everything has a home? There’s a reason for that!

Did you know…

An organised space sends signals of safety to your nervous system, giving you that sense of clear and calm. Clutter represents decisions that need to be made. Along with disorganisation, it overloads and overstimulates your brain. It can lead to you feeling distracted, anxious, stressed, and raises the level of the stress hormone cortisol.

Organised spaces on the other hand have been found by researchers to improve focus and productivity, along with making it easier for the brain to process information.

So with this being said, it’s time to get organised! Why not start with the bedroom and wardrobe systems to change your mindset from cluttered to calm.

What you can do

Clean your wardrobe, dust all shelves, drawers and mirrors. If your wardrobe could be prone to moisture, swap out old moisture absorbers to ensure your closet keeps the dampness out avoiding any mould that may affect your much loved outfits.

Declutter and refresh. Give your wardrobe a make-over. Shoes get scuffed, dirty and dull, some clothes need a re-iron and re-hang to enthuse you to bring these to the front of your wardrobe. Along with this, there’s some items that need to be moved out. If it hasn’t been worn in 12 months it’s time to remove it from your wardrobe.

Another helpful strategy is to plan ahead, schedule spring cleaning and organising sessions before and or after busy times to maintain and reset spaces. For example, clearing kids’ outgrown clothes, shoes and toys every season can be a great way to prevent having an over cluttered wardrobe. Or for yourself, if you haven’t worn it in 12 months, its time to remove it from your wardrobe.

Whenever you choose to do it the benefits of organising are unmistakable – clear space, clear mind.