5 Tips To Clear The Clutter

Okay, let’s be honest with each other. You’ve watched Marie Kondo on Netflix, or at least seen the ‘how to fold’ clips on YouTube, but you actually haven’t done anything about your own wardrobe disaster! Well, you would not be the first person, nor the last to finally get around to tidying up your closet clutter. We have put together a shortlist of 5 Tips To Clear The Clutter so you can stop feeling guilty, and start enjoying using your wardrobe!

DIY Wardrobes Made Easy

Kiwis have a natural “can-do” attitude, and doing things yourself can be really satisfying especially when you know you have saved yourself a lot of money! The biggest benefit to a DIY wardrobe system is the affordability. You will save a tonne of money by avoiding the design consultation fees, installation surcharges, as well as inflated prices required to cover overhead running costs of a showroom. Even though our wardrobes are cheaper, the quality is not! Our wardrobe organisers are made from high-grade melamine in 18mm and 16mm panel thickness and all come with a 10-year warranty* – how’s that!